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This is your platform to learn, share, inspire, network and grow! You will find loads of resources on professional coaching ranging from:

  • Executive coaching,
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This is in line with our motto – Advancing the coaching profession!  Being a globally recognized pioneer in the professional coaching space, we are committed to ensuring that you stay tuned to the global trends so that you maximize your success.

Our International Accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF) positions us to become a regional hub and resource to support and mentor upcoming professional coaches.
Our first and foremost responsibility in this forum is education. We are in a space where coaching is still relatively a novel idea.

People are seeking to understand the profession and are struggling to make sense of the many terminologies being used. They are seeking to understand why the coaching hype; others want to know whither this is the profession for them; others just wonder how to go about hiring a coach and the criteria to use. Others are just wondering how they can choose a coaching school, the right training program for them, etc.

For those walking the journey to becoming internationally accredited coaches, this forum will offer you    educational resources and materials that will keep you tuned to the global coaching trends as well as keep you inspired to learn and grow. You will have access to tools, mentors and inspirational materials that will accelerate your professional development journey. You will be able to understand more about every possible specific coaching niche market and position accordingly. We aspire to develop you to become a global coach without boundaries.

For those in organizations that have either embedded or seeking to entrench the coaching culture, you will find this forum a rich fountain. Development of a sustainable coaching and mentoring culture in an organization is a complex journey, but with the help of the structured  educational resources that you find in this forum, and case studies, you will be able to learn from the best, share your successes and challenges as well as access peer mentoring at local and international level. You will understand more on how you hire coaches, how you can blend external and internal coaching, how to develop a sustainable coaching strategy, structuring the coaching process, etc.

As more and more organizations embrace executive leadership coaching,  Those seeking to understand more about specific niches of coaching will or seeking to    As you know, CDI Africa is a renowned leader in advancing the coaching profession and practice in the region. We are passionate about supporting organizations develop in-house coaching and mentoring capacity. Therefore, there’s nothing we love more than speaking for your coaching, mentoring, training and development needs.

Our team of professional coaches and mentors is so excited and is looking forward to sharing our cumulative knowledge gained over the years, resources, news, thoughts and opinions with you through. We look forward to the engagement and also learning from you; indeed this will be a two way learning track.

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