Celebrating 2015!

CDI-Africa International Accreditation

The year 2015 shifted coaching at CDI-Africa (and in the region) to a higher global notch! CDI-Africa received ICF Accreditation as a Coach training organization. This is the first of such accreditation in the broader Eastern African region. As a result, Kenya is now on the global coaching map as a host of an ICF accredited Coach Training Institute. Below is a listing of ICF Approved programs now offered at CDI-Africa:

A. Certified Organizational Effectiveness Coach (COEC) Program

aWe had our pioneer class under the ICF accredited programs (Certified Organizational Effectiveness Coach) graduate at a colorful graduation ceremony on 19th May, 2015. In total, 32   COEC’s graduates comprising of Senior   HR Managers, Senior Team Leaders and Management Consultants drawn from various companies join the league of global coaches who are championing organizational coaching both as internal and external coaches. Their profiles can be found on our website: www.cdi-africa.com/alumni/coec-alumni

Further, these coaches are now listed on the ICF global coaches’ registry which can be found here: www.coachfederation.org/members

Through these highly qualified coaches, critical coaching conversations have begun in organizations and this is in line with our mission of supporting entrenchment of the coaching culture in organizations and building internal coaching capacity.

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B. Certified Executive Leadership Coach (CELC) Program

bIn March 2015, we launched the Executive Leadership Coaching program referenced above. This is a transformational leadership program specially designed for CEO’s MD’s, GM’s, Directors, Leadership Trainers and Consultants as well as Market place Leaders seeking to maximize and multiply their leadership impacts and legacy. The pioneer class finished the course in November 2015 and their profiles and comments about the program can be found on our website: www.cdi-africa.com/alumni/celc-alumni

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C. Certified Engagement &Productivity Coach (CEPC) Program

cEngagement and productivity drive organizations’ performance, competitiveness and sustainability. We are committed to supporting organizations in this agenda and this saw us develop and launch a coach training program specially designed for senior team leaders. The goal of the CEPC program is help team leaders master the art and science of connecting, engaging and inspiring their teams to sustainable high performance. The program fully demystifies the whole concept of “employee engagement” and provides the leaders with coaching skills to get to the hearts of people and maximize their productivity.

The first class was launched in September, 2015 with delegates comprising of senior team leaders sponsored by Safaricom and Co-operative Bank.

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What does ICF Accreditation of CDI-Africa Mean for Kenya and the Region?

  • Kenyans can now access international coaching certification locally and at a more affordable rates;
  • Graduates of CDI-Africa programs become coaches without boundaries and are recognized globally
  • We provide all rounded support given that over 90% of the team is locally based;
  • We are able to multiple coaching capacity and make Kenya the coaching hub in East Africa;
  • With increased coaching capacity, we are able to impact on more lives and more organizations thereby enhancing our competitiveness.
  • With increased coaching capacity at different levels and spaces, we are able to develop more grounded leaders and influence our leadership landscape in all spheres.