Our C.E.O & Founder Eileen Laskar Renews Her Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential for a Second Term

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Congratulations are to Eileen Laskar, our C.E.O and Founder for successfully renewing her ICF- Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential for the second term of 3 years. For those who are new to this terminology, the ICF- MCC credential is the highest credential awarded to professional coaching practitioners by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), with approximately only 1,235 MCCs worldwide. To attain this, one must have coached for at least 5,000 hours, and trained for a minimum of 200 hours, amongst other requirements.

Eileen Laskar was the first and still is the only MCC in the East and broader Central Africa region since 2018. As CDI-Africa Coaching Group we applaud her for continuing to set the pace in the world of executive coaching, leadership coaching, organization leadership development, and coaching programs in Africa.

In her first term as MCC, Eileen has developed new programs that we have added to our portfolio including the Leadership Masterclass: Coaching for Performance, Leadership Masterclass: Leading with Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, The Global Coaching Index (GCI) Platform, and many more. As we celebrate 15 years of coaching excellence in Africa at CDI-Africa Coaching Group, Eileen’s fingerprints are on every great idea we have rolled out and her level of commitment to excellence is unmatched.

In her spirit of generosity, Eileen remains a champion for advancing coaching in Africa. She is constantly developing other coaches in Africa and partnering with other like-minded organizations like BCA Leadership. This achievement is a true demonstration of her commitment to coaching as a profession as well as her passion for embedding coaching in our society and organizations across Africa.

Would you like to become a credentialed coach and achieve great heights such as Eileen Laskar? It begins with enrolling for one of our ICF-Accredited Global Coaching Certification Programs to train and become a coach. For more information on how to become a globally recognized and certified coach email sarah.ogola@cdi-africa.com or Call 0718393030.

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