About the Founder of the LEED Programme

Wambui Muriithi is a passionate and dynamic business coach, SMEs consultant, entrepreneur and business investor.
With a vision of helping African entrepreneurs create globally competitive businesses, she coaches entrepreneurs and start up founders on building highly successful and exceptional businesses.
As an entrepreneur and business investor, Wambui is a director of Almasi Pont Corporation- a venture capital firm specializing in business start ups by identifying, nurturing and investing in business ideas. She also runs a group of exclusive men’s grooming parlours; Coach Barbers and Grooming Emporium.
Wambui holds a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.
Associates & Facilitators
In order to deliver on our promise, we engage highly qualified and experienced facilitators who are specialists in various areas of entrepreneurship development. No matter the level of expertise required, we provide a fully experienced and qualified facilitator.