Leadership Masterclass: Coaching for Performance Approved by ICF with a rating of 60 Continuous Coach Education Hours (CCEs)

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CDI- Africa Coaching Group, is greatly committed to offering leadership development & coaching solutions that meet the highest professional standards, have a global outlook, and are Africa-centered.

Having been in the coaching industry for the past 15 years and being Africa’s one-stop center for coaching and leadership development needs, we are constantly listening to our clients and the market to develop innovative leadership solutions that are, timely and sustainable.

It is with this context that Our CEO, Founder, and Program Director Eileen Laskar developed the “Leadership Masterclass: Coaching for Performance” Program, specially designed for enhancing leadership effectiveness and building a sustainable high-performance culture, especially for organizations that have an ambitious strategy and are seeking to multiply leadership capability to achieve their vision and mission.  

This Masterclass Program has since been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 60 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Units!  What this means for the organizations is that they can access a coaching and leadership development program that is of global standards and which is also cost-effective. This is especially important for those organizations now seeking to embed a coaching culture to enhance leadership and organizational effectiveness and scale performance.

The Leadership Masterclass: Coaching for Performance program is the 7th addition to our list of ICF-Accredited training programs namely; 

The Leadership Masterclass: Coaching for Performance program is a blend of mentorship & coaching modules that seeks to equip executives and senior leaders to embrace a coaching mindset, posture, language, and skills that result in leadership transformation, scaling of performance, and culture transformation.

Are you looking to build the leadership capacity of your leadership team through leadership development training anchored on coaching? Talk to us today for more information on our ready-made training programs as well as explore our bespoke coach-training programs for organizations. Email sarah.ogola@cdi-africa.com or Call 0718393030.

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