The STORY behind the GLORY

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Congratulations Eliud Kipchoge on breaking the world record of completing the Marathon in under 2 hours in the just concluded INEOS 1:59 challenge in Vienna Austria. Subsequently, you have been recognized as a GOAT (Greatest Of All Times). Now I know one more terminology – GOAT.

As Kenyans, we can’t get past the celebratory mood…it’s still fresh… and we will be here for a while. And anyone can understand. Eliud proved that we can always set a higher standard and achieve it. He proved that we can always better our best.  And that you alone are responsible of allowing the next best version of yourself to emerge. 

Patricia Murugami, must be double inspired based on one of her slogans – that of pursuit of the next best version of ourselves – and this is what we live for as coaches. We truly believe in the inherent limitless potential in humans and that’s what we love to help others do – discover, uncover, unveil, unlock and unleash. All in pursuit of greatness of humanity. This is what inspires us to wake up every day and go to work. All clients who work with coaches undoubtedly break their previous record of personal, professional and leadership potential. It may not be a public win, but they truly do and we celebrate every moment of unveiling the next best version of themselves. 

Back to Eliud; what’s the STORY behind the GLORY? 

1. BIG, AUDICIOUS DREAM: He dreamt BIG. To complete the Marathon in below 2 hours… dubbed “The INEOS 1:59 Challenge.” In the words of Ronda Rousey, “If you can’t dream big, ridiculous dreams, what’s the point in dreaming at all?

2. COMMUNICATION for ACCOUNTABILTY: The 1:59 was public. We were all holding him accountable to this target, even as we waited with bated breath.

3. COACHING: Eliud did not do it all alone. Behind the scenes were coaches who partnered with him to maximize his potential. Not one but many. And they don’t mind not being celebrated because it’s never about the coach but the client. Coaches never take credit. They are catalysts, facilitators and midwives.

4.DISCIPLINE/GRIT /PERSEVERANCE: Eliud had to stay disciplined – practice, diet and exercise. And all this happened privately.  I doubt he always felt excited about the rigor, but he kept his eye on the ball and persevered. I can bet there were days he wondered how he got himself in that whole public accountability… but he kept going.

5. RISK-TAKING: Someone said that courage is not the absence of fear. Eliud knew he was taking a risk, putting himself out there, without any guarantees, but he still did. Anything could have happened on that track…even a simple thing like a muscle pull could have just hampered his speed, despite all the training and preps. But he still took the risk. 

6. PARTNERSHIPS: Behind scenes, Eliud had many partners who believed in him. And he reached out to them and shared his big vision. I bet he was very clear what support he wanted from them. There are others who just showed up having believed in his vision and wanted to be part of this, like the sponsors. He needed all these partners, and some also needed him too to further their agenda/ brands. Lesson; seek to succeed with others.

7. FAMILY: My heart was so warmed to see Eliud’s wife being the first one to receive him on the finish line. The joy was genuine. Behind scenes, she was most likely the diet manager, closest cheer leader, and the one who knows the real STORY.  She must have run the entire race with him…mentally, emotionally, psychologically. And I am sure she’s made sacrifices too. I bet there were other family members behind scenes. And of course we were all family as Kenyans, cheering him and praying for him too.    

8.PACESETTERS:  This was a very interesting lot. They showed up to support and maximize Eliud Kipchoge’s success. They didn’t do it for themselves, but for Eliud. The question is; who are your pacesetters?  They determine your pace; so choose wisely.  

9.GOD’S PROVIDENCE: We may all forget that Eliud is not his own. Without God, we can do nothing; and with Him, we can do anything. I bet Eliud said many prayers in his heart asking God to grant him victory…And He did. On his behalf, we are grateful to God. But he just didn’t sit and pray, he did his part. 

I wonder what parts of the STORY you see behind the GLORY that I have missed?  I would love to hear your perspectives. 

Remember you are running your unique marathon in this life, you don’t have to be doing it in public. I wonder what components of the STORY you may want to adopt?

The stage is all set to celebrate your next best version of yourself… your GLORY moment is coming. For now, focus on the STORY, and remember to put God first!

Eileen Laskar
Founder & President
CDI-Africa Coaching Group Ltd

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