Advancing Coaching in Rwanda: 98 Senior & Middle-Level Leaders at National Bank of Rwanda trained through the Lead like a Coach Program.

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We had an exciting and interactive 2-day training session in Rwanda as we took 34 executive leaders and 64 mid-level managers of the National Bank of Rwanda through the Lead like a Coach Program. This executive program was co-created with the National Bank of Rwanda Human Resources team to enlighten and empower the senior leaders with the understanding of what leading with coaching entails and how it strategically enhances leadership effectiveness and organizational performance. 

This program serves as a foundation for the organization’s journey to build a coaching culture and embed coaching as a leadership style. We celebrate the National Bank of Rwanda HR leadership team led by Executive Director of HR & Administration Frances Ihogoza, MUHIRE Modeste,  Uwera Ritah, and Holly Louise Irasubiza who championed this training.  Special recognition goes to the bank’s Governor John Rwangombwa and the Deputy Governor Soraya Munyana Hakuziyaremye who are at the forefront of this initiative. Their commitment to transforming the culture at the National Bank of Rwanda is evident in their participation in this training and through the learning discussions. 

“As National Bank of Rwanda, taking this training is not only aimed at developing the leadership skills of our senior & mid-level leaders. It is also an opportunity for the leaders to develop themselves individually.”

John Rwangombwa,
National Bank of Rwanda.

 “As National Bank of Rwanda, we are in a transition. We have been an institution that relied on the command and control style of leadership but we are now transitioning into an institution that encourages participation from all staff.”

Soraya Munyana Hakuziyaremye,
Deputy Governor,
National Bank of Rwanda.

We acknowledge our trainers Eileen Laskar and Dr. David Thuku for their commitment to the program and excellent delivery of the training as experts in matters leading with coaching for enhanced organizational performance, not forgetting our programs team as well led by Alice Wanjohi that worked behind the scenes that ensured the project is a success.

“CDI-Africa Coaching Group is a great partner for those organizations that are ready for transformative leadership! They handled it well with us. Eileen & Team keep the candles of embedding coaching culture into the leadership we want in Africa and beyond.”

Muhire Modeste,
Director, Human Resources Management and Development,
National Bank of Rwanda.

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