CDI-Africa Faculty Present at the 1st ICF Global Webinar of 2022

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Our CEO Eileen Laskar and Dr. David Thuku, one of our core faculty members had the privilege to speak at the first ICF global webinar of 2022 organized by the Team and Group Coaching Community of Practice. The ICF’s Team & Group Coaching community of practice exists to shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities of coaching teams, groups, systems, and organizations of people. This learning forum, one of many hosted by the International Coaching Federation, focused on The Multiplicity of Language and Culture in Team Coaching. With the world quickly shifting to the virtual realm that allows us to interact from one corner of the world to another, this topic was not only relevant but timely.

Eileen Laskar and Dr. David Thuku took the participants of the webinar through exploring the practical realities of team coaching in today’s world where language and culture are diverse. Based on their combined experiences as group and team coaches, Eileen and David shared their insights on coaching in markets characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity. If you missed this learning session or would like to revisit it, you can access the recording here.

“A key ingredient of success in team coaching assignments is the synchronized engagement of the Team, Team Leader and the Coach(es) towards the desired outcome; within a specific internal and external cultural context.”

Dr. David Thuku,
ICF – Professional Certified Coach
Executive Coach

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