Celebrating our New Pan-African Partnership

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We are excited to share about our latest partnership with Breakfast Club Africa (BCA), a Pan- African executive coaching & leadership enhancement service provider dedicated to the positive transformation of Africa. This partnership is ultimately geared towards enhancing Africa-wide access to a pool of qualified executive and leadership coaches to leaders in public sector, private sector and the marketplace.  

About Breakfast Club Africa

Breakfast Club Africa is a Mauritius-based Pan-African leadership enhancement service provider dedicated to the positive transformation of Africa. The vision of BCA is to catalyze the transformation of Africa into a middle-income continent by 2030 through the enhancement of leadership performance of public sector, private sector and non-profit sector leaders in Africa. BCA provides peer-learning, networking, problem-solving, and executive coaching services to leaders throughout Africa through its network of world-class coaches located in all four regions of Africa – East, North, West, and South. Breakfast Club Africa is led by Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce (CEO), a Sierra Leonean scholar and practitioner of organizational development.

With a track record of 15 years, CDI-Africa Coaching Group is  positioned as a premier coaching  and leadership  development organization accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We pride ourselves in having the widest variety of coach training and certification programs as well as bespoke coaching programs geared towards embedding coaching in organizations.  We currently have over 10 ICF-Accredited training programs that have been delivered to hundreds of leaders and managers both in the organizations and in the marketplace. Through our global executive coaching center, we have provided executive coaching to many leaders across Africa.  We are however aware that there’s still much more work to be done in Africa, especially in the realm of executive coaching and leadership development, more work than we can deliver on our own. We therefore have consistently developed different partnership models for collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals. Indeed, collaboration is one of our values.

Breakfast Club Africa exists to support leaders of organizations in Africa to make optimal decisions and grow their organizations. Since 2016, BCA has supported over 2500 leaders in 30 countries in Africa by providing Executive Coaching and Peer Learning Labs and organizing the flagship Made in Africa Leadership Conferences.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Modupe Taylor – Pearce, CEO of BCA, shared…

“At BCA we are aware that the size of our vision – to transform Africa – is daunting and we cannot accomplish it alone. We must collaborate with other organizations of competence and character that share a passion for the transformation of Africa and are willing to risk engaging in African Partnerships.”

Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce, CEO), Breakfast Club Africa

Through this partnership, as CDI-Africa Coaching Group, we look forward to expanding our coaching and leadership development in Africa through the provision of coaching and leadership development training, certification and continuous development of the executive coaches. The partnership will also allow BCA to expand its services with access to a wider network of competent coaches to  leaders in Africa. We are excited about the possibility of creating a sustainable pipeline of qualified executive coaches that can serve leaders in Africa and ultimately transform Africa! The partnership would also provide critical insights that would further inform the design and refinement of coaching programs by Africans for Africa.