Cohort 16 of the ICF-Accredited Global Diploma: Professional Coaching Begins

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The 16th Cohort of the Global Diploma in Professional Coaching Program kicked off this month! We are elated as these 12 new delegates from varied professional backgrounds begin their journey of being immersed in the world of professional coaching through our training.

Our global certification in professional coaching is a universal program, therefore allowing our delegates to position themselves to serve broad niche markets that are of interest to them. It offers the delegates professional freedom to:

  • Become either an internal or external coach
  • Choose and work with specific markets where you can make the greatest impact
  • Change the niche market when they want to
  • Advance in their specialization at their own pace!

Did you know that the coaching industry brought in total global revenue of $2.849 billion which was 21% above the estimate by the International Coaching Federation in 2015? What is now being referred to as the coaching boom has seen the profession grow exponentially in the past decade with the following coaching niche’s being listed as the top 5 globally:

  1. Life Coaching
  2. Career Coaching
  3. Business Coaching
  4. Relationship Coaching
  5. Financial Wellness Coaching

If you too would like to start your journey to becoming a globally credentialed professional coach before 2022 ends, you can schedule a conversation with Sarah, your enrollment advisor on 0718393030 or email: to enroll for cohort #17 to kick off in July 2022.   For more details on our Global Diploma in Professional Coaching Program, click here.

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