Self-care while leading in a volatile environment.

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Self-care while leading in a volatile environment. COVID-19

We are four weeks plus into the COVID-19 crisis. How are you REALLY doing?

As business owners, corporate or team leaders, striving to keep afloat in the phase of COVID-19 is a demanding and exhausting roller coaster. Fragile balls that make up delicate parts of our businesses and careers seem to be up in the air all at the same time. Bills, decisions, responsibilities blankly stare in our faces eager to draw out whatever magic tricks we have up our sleeves that will help calm this storm.

This state of high demand for your leadership may have left you with little room to stop and really breathe, perhaps even a sense that you have no permission to take time to care for yourself?

Here are a few pointers that may help you journey this uncertain path that COVID-19 presents us.

  • Do not OVER fret: The initial phase of shock may be over but with the uncertainty of what is coming in the near future, we must continually choose to focus on what is within our control. What can you and your team do NOW, TODAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH? Take a few minutes to ask yourself this question every time you feel stuck or overwhelmed. Let go of what is beyond your control.
  • Connect with God more.  Tap into the power of the supernatural. Submit in prayer those things that are out of your control to the One that is able to align all things to your benefit. Surrender offers back rest to the one that boldly embraces it.
  • Make decisions on the go:  This is not a season for long term decisions. You make decisions on the go, ensuring utmost good faith and alignment with your value system. Some decisions aren’t going to be popular, but if made from a place of authenticity and good faith, and ensuring balance between people and business, you can live with the consequences.
  • Take time for reflection and introspection: Be awake to what is currently going on with you. What unhealthy habits or behaviors have you picked up in the past 3 weeks? Should you nip them in the bud? How are you really feeling? What thoughts keep replaying in your mind? Are they progressive or detrimental? How is your family? Are you present in how you are relating to them? Take time to not only reflect on the business but also reflect on your personal life and consciously choose to keep what is positive.
  • Re-connect with those things or people that keep you centered. What healthy practices light up your spirit? Identify what this is and schedule it into your daily or weekly routine.

    Find a listening ear. There is strength in vulnerability.  Speak to a coach that would act as a sounding board, a trusted family member that may offer comfort and direction or a team member that you can process ideas and thoughts with. Help is not too far away. Dare to reach out.
  • Develop a healthy daily routine:  Get your body moving, whatever this may look like for you, even just stretching is okay. Ensure that you are staying safe as you carry out safety measures for others. Stay hydrated and eat clean: keep a jar of water close to your work station throughout the day and drink good amounts of it. Develop a menu if necessary to help you eat better. If working from home, don’t fall into the trap of overworking and ensure you get enough sleep. 

Lastly, allow me to take this time to applaud you!  For getting out of bed when all you wanted to do was disappear and reappear after this bad dream that is COVID 19! For taking time to have the hard conversations and make the tough decisions that had to be made! For doing what you can with what you have! For choosing hope and not quitting when it seems bleak and hopeless.

This too shall pass! Prioritize self-care. We need you healthy and well on the other end of this season!