12 Additional Team Leaders in KWAL Graduate as Internal Coaches with Capacity to Lead with a Coaching Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

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 Kenya Wine Agencies Limited – KWAL – began the year on a high note with the certification and graduation -of an additional 12 team leaders after they completed training through CDI- Africa Coaching Groups’ Leadership Masterclass: Leading with Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Program. This customized 2-month long program saw the delegates not only train through our 6 pillared leadership & coaching competency framework approved by the International Coaching Federation but also raised the leader’s awareness on the essence of emotional intelligence. A key part of the program was on raising their self-awareness as regards how well they lead with emotional intelligence. The program ultimately aimed to develop the leaders into whole-hearted & human-centered leaders for optimized leadership effectiveness.

“This program has helped me be more deliberate about listening actively, accelerating creativity, and ensuring that I create leaders within my team.”

Victor Mutinda,
Enterprise Application Manager,

“Thanks to this program I feel like my trust account with my team is growing. They are more open with their thoughts and ideas. Communication is now two-way even with superiors.”

Joseph Macharia,
Sales Manager,

These newly certified 12 internal coaches are the 4th Cohort in the Kenya Wine Agencies Limited – KWAL organization to undertake a leadership masterclass anchored on our leadership & coaching competency framework – approved by the International Coaching Federation. This continuous investment in coach training is in line with the organization’s agenda and goal to embed coaching as a leadership style and culture. We continue to applaud the Kenya Wine Agencies Limited – KWAL leadership led by Lina GithukaRosemary Ng’ayu & Mercy Mayaka for continuing to champion this agenda.

The Leading with Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Program is an ICF Accredited program with a rating of 25 CCEs (Continuous Coach Education Hours). This program is the ultimate blended executive coaching & training master class specially designed to develop & scale whole-hearted & human-centered leaders who lead with a coaching mindset & emotional intelligence.

For more information on how you can build the leadership capacity of your leadership team through our bespoke leadership development & coach-training programs designed for organizations, email sarah.ogola@cdi-africa.com or Call 0718393030.

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