What is Coaching?

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a development experience where the guide (coach) supports a client or coachee to achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing guidance and support. Coaching has the participant and the coach involved in a thought-provoking and creative process with the aim of helping them maximize their professional and personal abilities. It comes about based on contractual relationships, that are structured or as meetings scheduled by the client and the coach. The experience is defined by the client and the coach following the coaches understanding of why the client is seeking their services and what it is they aim to achieve, from their visions, hopes and aspirations.

Forms of coaching differ; from professional, to private to organizational with benefits that transcend any education one may receive. Begun around 1830 at Oxford University, coaching uses varying means of communication – listening, questioning, clarifying. Here the aim is to help clients achieve their goals.

Models of coaching

There are several coaching models; each varying based on what it is that the client is looking to develop in. Coaches too may come as experts of a given field or as learning facilitators. Coaches are not meant to provide solutions but to see their clients achieving solutions or answers to the problems challenging them in life. They however may get to provide help so that a client can find these right answers.  Professional coaching touches on executive, leadership development, transitioning, and career development and personal branding models of coaching. For organizations on the other hand, it is about performance, change management, team engagement and productivity, for the executives or top leaderships and enabling one to leverage on the generational diversity of the Generation – Y’s.

Benefits of Coaching

It is transformative. Coaching is an experience that models the client to reason as they wished or longed, in a strive to achieve a given target. It may be a longing to achieve professional development, career goals, organizational uplifting of employee attitudes and modes of engagement. Name it. The idea is to bring up a different perspective in thinking, delivery of service or manner of targeting. It is a kind of authentic process that enables leaders to positively impact those they serve. Whether it is at the work place, as a CEO, or as a service delivery person, coaching enables tremendous leadership. Manager-employee engagements are achieved, breaking cocooning traits and carrels of fear. Fear enslaves but once coaching is experienced by both the manager and employee, team performance is noticeable. Cycles are broken, and glass walls brought down meaning either of the two can learn from the other, bring an idea at the table, or share an inspiring thought that may open up the company to achieving greatness.

For anyone committed to bringing about or effecting change, then coaching is the way to go. It will help one see life from a different prism as you get a nudge to think at advanced levels and in an array of directions meaning that solution finding becomes as easy as ABC. This in turn will inspire change in the individual, and at times even to the coach themselves. They will be a different person at the end of a coaching experience – as ideas are born, solutions arrived at, genius plans are birthed, and conclusions are made in a strive to achieve success. It’s a challenge for one to achieve the very best versions of themselves there ever shall be, and as such, then give to the world the gift of genius.
At the end of the day, clients get the support and guidance to achieve mutually set goals and improve professional and personal satisfaction. It improves the effectiveness of a client, organizations or their service delivery.


Coaching is a method of accelerating development for a client, while seeking to support, facilitate and maximize an individual’s unique talents, values and performance. It is a necessity for all people, especially those who want to go for leadership, or serve without a title. An experience that entails getting to design one’s future, modelling a way to achieve excellence and development.